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English: Emil M. Cioran young, in Romania. Photo retouched
Datum vor 1947
date QS:P,+1947-00-00T00:00:00Z/7,P1326,+1947-00-00T00:00:00Z/9
Quelle; Used also in: Letters On the Summits of Despair (1930-1934), italian edition for Mondadori;
Urheber Photographer of Keyston agency/Getty Images before Rivarol Premium. Photo taken in the last years of Cioran's life-in-Romania, before his definitive transference in France (1947); first publication 1955-1960s; for Romanian law the artistic and non-artistic photo realized before 1956, or between the years 1956-1996, have their copyright expired.
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Public domain According to the Decree no. 321/1956 of June 18, 1956 Chapter 1 Article 7, non-artistic photographs were not expressly protected by copyright. Artistic photographs taken between 1956 and 1996 are protected by copyright for a limited term, as follows:
  • (b) 10 years since issuance for the author of an artistic photographic series
  • (c) 5 years since issuance for the author of an isolated artistic photograph

Of the aforementioned photographs, those whose term hadn't expired before 1996 received a considerable prolongation, according to the Romanian Law on Copyright and Neighboring Rights Law no. 8/1996 of March 14, 1996 Article 149, Paragraph 3, modified by Law no. 285/2004 of June 23, 2004, Article 128:

The length of copyright over works that have been created before the enforcement of this law and whose protection terms had not expired according to the previous legislation are prolonged to the protection term provided by this law.

Therefore, Romanian artistic photographs whose protection term expired before 1996 are now in the public domain. These include photographic series published before 1986 and isolated photographs published before 1991. As a courtesy, please credit the author whenever using the photograph.


Coat of arms of the Popular Republic of Romania (1952-1965).svg
Romania personality rights Romania personality rights law

Article 88 - (1) The distribution of a work containing a portrait shall require the authorization of the person represented in that portrait. Its author, owner or possessor shall not have the right to reproduce it or communicate it to the public without the consent of the person represented, or that of his successors, for a period of 20 years after the death of the said person. (2) Unless otherwise agreed, authorization shall not be required if the person represented in the portrait is a professional model or has received remuneration for the sitting. (3) Authorization shall not be necessary for the distribution of a work containing the portrait : (a) of a widely-known person, if the portrait was made on the occasion of that person's public activities ; (b) of a person where the representation of that person constitutes only a detail of a work representing an assembly, a landscape or a public function.

Article 89. The distribution of correspondence addressed to a person shall require the authorization of the addressee and, after the addressee's death, for a period of 20 years, that of his successors, unless he has expressed a different wish.


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